A movie played by Will Smith. I can’t remember any film that he starred that I don’t like. This guy like have a magical touch to himself.

It started with him beinga superhero but totally different attitude to what you expect from a superhero or any other superheros that you’ve seen before. So that’s kinda a nice touch. A departure from normality.

And then we saved this guy and they have a connection. And right there, you can see that the guy’s wife played by charlize theron, has some vibes with Hancock. And it makes you wonder.

After the story progressed you got to know to know that they really knew each other for a few hundred of years and that hancock has lost his memory and that’s why he didn’t recognized her. But still, there was this connection that they felt because they were lovers before. They are actually a bred of aliens that has superpower but when they find a couple with the same power, they would lose the power and eventually dies….

Will smith always is a good actor. It makes me wonder whether there are aliens like that in this world. That lives among us with secret identity.

By the way, do you know where the aliens and the ufo comes from? That’s another posting altogether.

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Movie Jumper

Jumper is the the movie where the actor who played anakin skywalker plays the guy who can travel anywhere he wants. interesting movie.

One of the power that I would like to have is transportation. Or teleport, beam-me-up scotty kinda thing. I harbor this feeling ever since this possibility was portrayed in Star Trek series (no, I’m not a trekker, it’s just a passing fad for me). The feeling continues still as we go through life in KL when we have fight traffic jam most of the time. And i hate long distance driving. I have weak bladder.

And i don’t have the money to visit all the interesting places all over the world.

Is this humanly possible? There are stories of pious people that defies the natural law of time and space. Like traveling from malaysia and mecca in a blink of an eye, travel to the past, being more place at one time and numerous others.

We might not be able to do these things but there are those that can in real life.

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Sepi the movie

I’m very picky when it comes to malay movies. It’s just that malaysian actors still have a lot to improve on their acting. when people look like they’re acting, then they have a lot of practise to do. But to cut them some slack, i’m sure they’re improving and doing their best and we need to support them. Like going to their movies. But none of those mushy mushy kiddie love story. Or something directed by that Prof…

It’s chicken and egg situation or Catch 22 conundrum… To improve em, you need to support em, but to support em, they need to improve themselves. Got my drift?

But when the film is by Khabir Bhatia, then I have to check it out. Have you watched Cinta by him? That’s superb acting, folks. Though I think that it’s actually a copy of Love Actually where all the characters are inter related. Nevertheless it’s still malaysian movie at its best.

Sepi is about the love story of three couples. Triangle love story, I might add, because it involves three love interests for each story. One normal, the other two are a bit absurd.

I like the story of Afdlin Shauki and the smashing Vanida Imran. He’s huge and far from handsome but I guess he is sweet and funny. I get it, woman digs funny guys.

the other storyline bugs me a little because the lady played by Eja already married. I can understand if the husband isa bad character but this one. Well, we borrowed from along but that’s a flaw on decision making on his part and not his character. But i guess that’s sometimes married woman also has challenges like that. They have a husband already but here comes another good guy. Now what a woman need to do. Luckily, in this one, the character sticks to her husband.

The third storyline is a bit weird because the girl talks to a dead guy. It’s like she still does not let go of his deceased boyfriend. And here comes a college mate that want to steal her heart, but she still keeps the candle burning for the dead guy. Aiyaaa, how do you compete with a dead guy?

Sepi was what all the characters were feeling until they met each other. It’s a terrible feeling to experience and i’m sure everyone felt it at some point or another. Have you ever felt the the situation where you not alone bit lonely?

I like the scene where afdlin (i use their real name because I can’t remember ther character’s name) went looking for vanida. She was supposed to leave for the airport to go away. Just when we thought that he missed her, there she walks in the background and asked him ‘awak cari saya?’…(are you looking or me?) And you can see the relieve on afdlin’s face and he answered ‘seumur hidup saya, wak’ (all my life i’ve been searching for you).

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