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License to Wed June 20, 2008

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License to wed

Had the opportunity to watch a brilliant movie: License to Wed. It is played by the crazy talented Robin William and most of the main actors from the sitcom ‘The Office’.

Robin william is bordering on madness. He’s always cracking up jokes and believe that he’s like that even when he’s not on air. I guess his wife must be tired of him by now. She may have married him because he’s funny but by now, she might wish that Robin got a stroke or something that might make him silent.

And not sure who’s idea to bring the casts of the Office. They’re damn funny and I enjoyed them totally. I think who’s idea it was is brilliant.

Wedding is a big thing. People marries for a bunch of reasons. Most often than not, because they love each other. I mean, i’ve never known anyone personally that marries because any other reason but i’m sure there is. Like, love for his or her money, perhaps?

But the spouse would show their true colors only after the marriage. This is the time when you know everything about the other one. But the deal has been sealed. The marriages that works are for those that despite the differences, they still love each other.

And in this movie, the priest played by Robin William brings out the true colors of the couple *before* the wedding. if they can survive that, they can survive anything. But because the techniques were unorthodox, hence the funny elements in the movie.

Sometimes people have so many expectations upon other people, forgetting that they are not the only ones living on this planet, helllooo….

There are other peoples too, with their own set of rules…. This is the time to read back the dusty book of Anthony Robbins and Stephen Covey on relationship..let’s not get into that for now. Let’s keep it simple this time. Me? Like I said many times before to other people, if something doesn’t meet your expectation, lower your expectation.

It’s a fun movie to watch. It reminds me that we need to find the best in your spouse. Though sometimes it is hard to do. As John Gray said repeatedly in his famous book, ‘Men are from Mars and women are from Venus’, male and female do speak different language and see things differently. Embrace the difference, kids… Don’t fight it.

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