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Perak mari June 2, 2008

Filed under: Family — visitor74 @ 4:08 am

my families are here in sg buloh. my parents, kak Lela’s family and Jua and her sons. it’s quite hectic for them to come here. involving a car and a trip via train.

well, they’re here and we had a fun time catching fishes in the pond and bbq them. my father liked the menjala bit. he hasn’t done so for quite a while. that makes him active foe a while. he seems to have problem with his leg. he can’t stand for too long. and he needs his sleep. he looked tired most of the time. age is catching up with him.

now we are at KLCC, went to the waterpark over there and kak Lela wanted to Petrosains but the place closed by 6.30.

we are now going to cik mah and cik normah’s house.

it’s good to have ones family around. you’ll never know when they are going to go. but sometimes it is hard to keep family together. I have a feeling that I will renounce one of my brother in law and alas, together with him, my sister too. he has been having bad relation with almost all of my family and been talking bad things about me. I can’t stand him all these while with his talk and bragging and putting everyone else down, and now I don’t have to talk to him any longer.

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