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parents coming over May 30, 2008

Filed under: Family — visitor74 @ 8:36 am

pretty excited about the parents and my sibling coming over. I like the house to have many visitors. and to have my own family is a sweet feeling. kak lela been here for many times already but the rest haven’t come. jua is coming too. though she seems like not wanting to stay long. most probably dia rasa menyusahkan adik beradik dia kot.

the slack is my other brother in law. dah rasa kecik ati pulak sbb aku taknak jamin dia nak beli kereta. kesian kat akak aku yang teringin nak datang sekali. bukan dgn dia tu. dia tu, lantaklah. tak heran aku. jarang jumpa pun lg bagus.

nak kena prepare apa yang nak dijamu nanti nih… gaji lambat masuk la plak.

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