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I Am Legend May 26, 2008

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story about a guy left alone in the world after everyone got wiped out from the face of the world. somebody invented a new antidote for cancer, it might have worked for a while, but then it retaliated and killed most of the populations and made some into zombies… zombies, again?

the good doctor played by Will Smith is of the select few that is immuned to the virus. he tried to find the cure, while living alone. it is not the way to live. luckily he has his dog, Sam, as his company. which reminded us that dog is man’s best friend. but somewhere along the story, even his dog got infected, so he had to kill her, so sad to watch. the only one thing that he can talk to even though she did not talk back.

but in islam, we can’t have dog as our best friend. or is it? somebody asked me why we are not allowed to touch dogs. I remember reading it somewhere but can figure it out later. need to do some searching.

I wonder what I would do if i’m in his shoes. sure, it might be nice for awhile because you have the whole world to yourself. you can have all the gadgets that’s in the shop, don’t know whether that would consider stealing or not. apart from the small problem of the zombies, or ‘darkseeker’ as they called them. they’re really mean. I don’t know why they put the zombies as killing freaks. why not the zombies just roam about without bothering anyone else? then it would not a story, right, silly me.

have u seen this movie? cause if not, you better stop now cause i’m about to give some revelation about the the movie….. there’s actually someone else out there. they heard his message on the radio and went to look out for him. when the doctor met those two, I wonder why he did not became immediately friendly with them. it almost seemed like he regretted them coming over. sure, they took his bacon which he is saving for special days, but just for the bacon?

anyway, someone else found him. she was on the way to a colony where more survivors lived. there are more people which is genetically immune to the virus. but the doctor did not want to leave that place because he still in the midst of finding the cure to the virus outbreak. which he did find at the end of the movie. and he did not believe that there is a colony that can survive the plague.

the movie is set to happen at 2012. like all other movie which try to put the date in the future, this one really gives me the jibbies…. what if it’s going to happen? why don’t they just put the date in the past so that it might not happen? aiyaa…

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