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Madu Tiga April 20, 2008

Filed under: Personal — visitor74 @ 2:24 pm

Pepagi dah keluar dgn atie pegi rumah marq sbb kami nak pegi ke forum mahathir. He’s doing a lot of forum these days after the losses of Barisan Nasional hari tu. What he is saying now is that Pak Lah should take the responsibility of the loss and step down. And dia hinted on how Pak Lah is being led by his sons and the 4th floor advisors. All these while, even after reading about them, I guess I still harbor the thoughts that it might not be true. How could someone can say good things and they are taking a lot of the people’s money.

I wish that it is not the case. But it seemed that the rest of the people really think they are doing it.

So we will see what will happen, soon. The people wish that Pak Lah will step down, soon. There’s a lot of political quagmire. Guess they are thinking on how to manuvre and outdo other people instead of thinking of ways to help the people that they should help.

I’m writing this while watching the evergreen ‘Madu Tiga’ movie. I thought that i’ve watched the whole movie. But it seemed that i’ve only watched the later part of it.

Malaysian has been watching this movie for years but it never got stale. Wonder how p. Ramlee did it. He is really gifted. Wonder whether he has something to say to the public at large. Guess what he is saying that those that marry more than one is really looking for trouble, right? You can’t really be right to all your wives. But the movie really is great.


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