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Test Times February 21, 2008

Filed under: Diary — visitor74 @ 2:50 pm

21 Feb
It’s a trying time for me. What with the moving a few days ago. Been traveling for the past few days from home in sg buloh to work or other places. So far, it is bearable. Without traffic, it would only take 25 minutes to get home from office. it’s only about 25km as well. The fact i go to work after the traffic dissipate a bit and go home after there’s no traffic helps a bit.

There’s so much to complaint though. Yesterday it cost me 350 bucks to touch up the waja. I’m touching up the Waja because I’m in the process of selling it. But there’s more to do with the car. Today there’s suppose to be someone to look at the car today. But he didn’t come because his wife went into labour. And earlier met with Ajak who told me that the guy agent is not trustworthy. Now that’s a bummer.

But what takes the cake is when atie wound down the passanger’s door and the motor of the windows kaput! That makes me want to cry and ask God “what else?”. I know it’s a bad thing’s to say. But i can’t help it.

We won a lot tenders and deliveries these past few weeks and the arrangement for the delivery is a nightmare! There’s not enough money to go around! Had to deal with the suppliers that want to see the money first before sending the items. And we need to deliver soon.

And i can imagine the nightmare again waiting and chasing for the payment. I’m sure that there will those customers that would delay in giving the payment. And at the same time we have to release the payment to our suppliers.

Yesterday Darell (from Malaysiakini) went to condo to look at the unit at Pantai Hillpark. He likes it i guess and wants to move in. But he would need to have streamyx installed first before he would come in. That’s not easy to do. we need to register the phone. And that would need money. And the delay to get him in.

The house in paya jaras still needs to be arranged.

Mama might not be picked for the election this time around. Again.


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