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peugot 407 January 26, 2008

Filed under: Diary — visitor74 @ 4:08 am

i just got a new car a few days ago. it’s a mean machine, i’m still testing the power. it gives a new meaning to driving. pure pleasure.

you see, i’m in certain position in my company where my partners don’t think that i’m fit to drive a waja any londer. waja is fine with me. but they don’t think so. so that’s why now i’m driving a peugot 407. but you won’t hear complaining anytime soon.

it is a nice cat but still, everytime that i’m driving it, i don’t feel that i’m entitled to it. still got to settle selling my waja. anyone looking to own a battered premium waja? it’s not that bad. but after a few years me driving it, there are to be some kinks to it.

even told my wife that i still feel funny driving it, but she said that i’m entitled to it.

i still don’t know how am i going to bring it home to show to our parents. both mine and my wife. they would have mixed feelings to it. even when we meet our friends, we are not showing it to them. it’s not like we are financially independence, so owning that car still doesn’t seem right. hmmm…

hope that everything is well with it. all well’s that ends well.


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