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Tender January 24, 2008

Filed under: work — visitor74 @ 8:44 pm

no, it’s not loving tender or ‘soft and tender’. this is the tender that we need to prepare. a lot of things/documents need to be prepared and it all takes a lot of thinking and preparation. need a lot of time as well. to do this, i would need a good support from supplier, staff and the management. especially the staff. if you got good help, it’s all okay.

but the help that I got is still wanting. i can’t really let it go. I would like to be able to be only monitoring the tender. but still i have to make sure that everything is okay. and most of the time, i would be doing the work myself. arghh, it’s all troubling sometimes.

there’s 3 tenders that me and my team are preparing. for UIA, UniKL and JKR. The JKR tender is about Shooting Range. this is a new thing for me because i usually do IT tenders only. luckily i managed to find a supplier that can do most of the proposal and come up with an almost complete solutions. if not, i would have to cancel the tender.

my right hand man has gone back. usually with tender preparation, we would need all the help that we can get, and spend a lot of time. i don’t know why he thinks that he can go home early. well, not early. it is after all, after work. but i can’t remember a time when i got back home early. it’s usually at night that we would gone home. tired and just in the mood to relax. i try to remember the saying ‘your work is not your life’. but in this kind of world that we’re living in, it is hard to do so.

the wife is not feeling well. so i wish that i can spend more time with her. especially that she’s going outstation for the weekend. she hasn’t feeling well for more than a week now. ever since we clean the house at Klang. don’t know what happened. me being stronger, just has the fever for 3 days, but she went on for more than a week.

yesterday, we went to our friend’s house and had dinner at an Iranian restaurant. Taktaz. we like to go there because they have Halal beer around. gives me the feeling that i’m drinking beer. friends that i drank it with told me that it really is taste like the real thing. they drank back on the jahiliah days… he he he. but i like to have them around. yesterday was a holiday (Thaipusam) so I can spend time with them. just chilling out, make jokes,discuss life and such. it is a nice feeling to be with them. they are the best buddies. those that i can call my friends at the moment.

i’m still feeling tired at the moment. listless. don’t have much energy. i know that i have a lot to do. need the energy but really can’t muster it. i used to try Berroca a supplement that would give energy boost, but haven’t been using it for a while. i should try and get it back. but when i tried it the last time, it doesn’t really work.

election might be around the corner. but i couldn’t care less. wonder whether my mother in law would be in it this time. if she does, then it would be interesting.

just finished reading the tafsir al azhar juzuk 30. i’m in the mood to really understand the quran. this is seasonal. sometimes, i’d be willing to spend time to read the tafsir, and sometimes not. so, since i’m in the mood, i would try to do so.

adik sharlinie masih lagi tidak dijumpai. wonder where is. wonder whether she still alive. wherever she is, i hope that Allah is taking care of her. may she be brought back to her parents, not like what happened to Nurin Jazlin.


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