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rumah klang January 15, 2008

Filed under: Personal — visitor74 @ 4:06 am

today me and wife spent time in Klang to tidy up the house. there’s only two of his brother’s that stay there now, but being guys, the house is in shambles. we used to live there a few years ago and it’s now decrepid. boys will always be boys.

but if given the option of whether i want to have a son or a daughter, i’m in a stage where i want to have a son rather than a daughter.

a daughter is more helpful, they are nicer than the boys. they can help cook, they can help cleaning up, and they are generally more endearing to the parents. they talk nicer, they will be around more.

but it would harder to take care of them.

as a muslim, there are things that a lady must take take. she has to wear tudung, she has to take care of her appearances. she is not like a man who can simply go out and roam about. this does not mean that a woman in islam cannot do all these. but just that they have to take care more. there are a lot a lot of bad men out there. just waiting to do harm and damages. i would have a rather peace of mind if my progeny is a male.


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